Message on Restroom Wall Leads to Lockdown at Caldwell High School

Caldwell High School was locked down Wednesday afternoon for 90 minutes, and an investigation continues by the school district and the Burleson County Sheriff’s office.

Caldwell ISD Superintendent Janet Cummings says a message was written on a restroom wall by someone “indicating serious tone of harming themselves in front of people.”

During the investigation of that message and two others, Dr. Cummings says “panic was beginning to set in with students texting and parents trying to call and things they were hearing in the community or in social media”. 

That led to the lockdown Wednesday afternoon at 1:30 for what Cummings says was a precautionary measure.  Parents of high school students were contacted by e-mail, phone and text message through the district’s automated notification system.

During the lockdown, Cummings says the buildings were cleared and sheriff’s deputies patrolled the grounds. She says no one was in imminent danger, no weapons were found, and there was no evidence of a rumored “hit list”.

Cummings says “a lot of parents” came to the high school to pick up their children during the lockdown. Enrollment at the 9th through 12th grade building is approximately 500.  The lockdown ended at 3 p.m. and classes were dismissed at their normal time.

Dr. Cummings says they’re still determining whether the messages were ” an intended cry for help” and/or a prank. Regardless, she says they are concerned about the safety of all students because “being afraid and being in panic is just as serious as someone else causing the harm.”

The superintendent says school counselors are available along resources from state and local agencies.

She asks students and parents with information to contact her and/or the sheriff’s office.

Dr. Janet Cummings visits with WTAW’s Bill Oliver.