College Station ISD School Board Spends Grant Money To Improve Security Vestibules At Five Campuses

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College Station ISD school board members award a $510,000 contract to complete improvements to security vestibules at five secondary campuses.

Facilities director Jon Hall did not share details of what will be done during the board meeting, or when bids were being solicited. Quoting a memo, Hall said “we don’t want to share key security information that could potentially be taken advantage of by anyone with bad intentions.”

Funding for the improvements at College Station and College View high schools and CSISD’s three middle schools comes from the Adam Family Foundation.

Upgrades to security vestibules were previously made at CSISD’s other campuses.

Click HERE to read and download a memo from the September 19, 2023 College Station ISD school board meeting containing more information.

Click below to hear comments from Jon Hall and CSISD school board president Jeff Horak from the September 19, 2023 board meeting.