Two Juveniles Arrested In Separate Incidents In College Station

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College Station police again ask motorists when they are not driving to remove their keys, firearms, and other valuables. This is after a 13 year old is arrested for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. A CSPD spokesman tells WTAW News that a car with the keys inside was taken Tuesday night from the area of Holleman and Holik. A CSPD officer stopped the car about two blocks away at Holleman and Anderson. The 13 year old was taken to the juvenile detention center.

An anonymous report to administrators at College Station High School of threatening comments leads to the arrest of a student. A Brazos County sheriff’s school resource deputy was involved in Tuesday’s removal of a student on a charge of making a terroristic threat. The sheriff’s office did not disclose the nature or the target of the threat. The student, whose age was not available, was taken to the juvenile detention center. The sheriff’s spokesman tells WTAW News the report was relayed using CSISD’s P-3 campus app. A news release from the sheriff’s office said reports of threats and other concerning behavior can also be shared with a teacher, an administrator, or a school resource deputy.