Trial Judge Recommends Resentencing Brazos County Death Row Inmate

June 2014 photo of John Thuesen courtesy of Brazos County's Judicial Records Search at:
June 2014 photo of John Thuesen courtesy of Brazos County’s Judicial Records Search at:
Five years ago, a Brazos County district court jury decided on the death penalty man for a College Station convicted killing his ex-girlfriend and her brother. Another jury could be called for a second sentencing.

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, the state’s highest appeals court, has been asked by the trial judge to resentence John Thuesen.

Brazos County district judge Travis Bryan III spent more than half of his 111 page ruling about Thuesen’s lawyers lack of investigating his post traumatic stress disorder as the result of his military service.

The judge said the jury at sentencing, quoting Bryan, “would have heard substantially more and different information to argue in favor of a life sentence.”

The judge did not grant Thuesen’s motion for a new trial. Bryan stated the performance of his lawyers did not prejudice the jury in finding him guilty of capital murder in the shooting deaths of Rachel and Travis Joiner in March 2009.

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