Traffic Stop By A Brazos County Sheriff’s Deputy Leads To An Arrest For Possessing “Criminal Instruments” And Driving With An Invalid License With Three Convictions

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Photo of Rodney Rayonn Tates from
Photo of Rodney Rayonn Tates from
A Brazos County sheriff’s deputy stopped a pickup last Friday during the noon hour for having an outdated tag and not having a front license plate.

The arrest report also stated that the truck matches the description of one that was used in recent tire and wheel thefts.

And the deputy knew the driver’s criminal history.

The truck was seized after the deputy saw several locking lug nut sockets in the center console.

A search of the truck led to finding a hydraulic jack, more sockets, a wrench, bolt cutters, bricks, and black colored clothes.

That led to the arrest of 36 year old Rodney Rayonn Tates of Brenham on charges of using the jack as a criminal instrument and driving with an invalid license with three prior convictions.

Tates was released from jail the same day after posting bonds totaling $8,000 dollars.

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