Three Noise Complaints At A College Station Apartment Results In A Ticket Then An Arrest

Photo of Collier Thomas from
The third time College Station police respond to a loud party complaint early Monday morning near city hall, results in a man’s eighth trip to jail in two and a half years.

22 year old Collier Thomas is out of jail after posting a $2,000 dollar bond following his arrest on a charge of interfering with public duties.

According to the CSPD arrest report, the officer responding to the second complaint on Foster Avenue wrote Thomas a ticket for disorderly conduct. As the officer was returning to his patrol vehicle, he overheard Thomas say “I could pop him from here”…something the officer took as a threat of being shot.

The third complaint resulted in six officers responding…leaving only one other officer to cover the rest of the city.

Thomas was arrested after pushing one of the officers into a wall after refusing to obey instructions.

Thomas is also awaiting trials in seven other cases where he is accused of DWI, assault causing bodily injury, evading arrest with a vehicle, criminal trespassing, and drug possession.