Third Generation To Lead Somerville Based Citizens State Bank

Photo provided by Citizens State Bank-Somerville of (L-R) Aaron Flencher and Ben Flencher Jr.

Somerville based Citizens State Bank now has a third generation leader of the company that has locations in six Brazos Valley cities.

Aaron Flencher has been named president and chief executive officer. His father, Ben Flencher Jr., continues to serve as board chairman and will assist the bank on a day to day basis.

Aaron Flencher was promoted from executive vice president, and before that he was CSB’s branch manager in Navasota.

CSB also has locations in Caldwell, Brenham, Snook, and Deanville.

News release from Somerville based Citizens State Bank:

Citizens State Bank is pleased to announce the Board of Directors has appointed Mr. Aaron Flencher as President and Chief Executive Officer. Aaron succeeds his father, Mr. Ervin B. (Ben) Flencher Jr. Ben continues to serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors for Citizens State Bank and assist the bank on a day to day basis.

Citizens State Bank is excited to welcome Aaron into the executive position as a third generation Flencher to continue to grow and excel the bank. Predecessor to both Aaron and Ben was Aaron’s grandfather, Mr. Ervin B. Flencher Sr. who aided the growth of Citizens State Bank from the Flencher beginnings for almost 60 years.

“I have every faith in Aaron that we will continue to keep doing what we have been doing for 95 years, serving our local people and prioritizing them with our personable services,” says Ben, who has previously led and expanded the bank into the 6 locations that it has today.

“It’s going to be tough to follow in his (Ben’s) footsteps. He expanded and grew CSB remarkably and his vision on growth and customer service is what I plan to continue,” says Aaron. “I am excited to keep doing what we do best and upholding our values by serving our local communities and providing up to date services that meet our customers’ needs for the future.”

With over 25 years of experience in the banking industry, Aaron brings significant experience, insight and depth to the position as the bank proceeds with plans for future growth and expansion serving its customers. Aaron has expertise in all aspects of banking life. He began his career part-time at Citizens State Bank in high school and continued working throughout College. Aaron has experience in each division of the bank including teller, book keeping loans, and Information Technology, enhancing his knowledge in every department.

“It’s an honor to continue to serve Citizens State Bank as President and CEO, just as other members of my family have done so in the past,” says Aaron, “We look forward to keep doing what we are doing for another 100 years!”

Aaron spent his career serving and working alongside his father and grandfather in the bank and local community. Most recently, he served as Executive Vice President, member of the Board of Directors and Secretary of the Board for the bank. Prior to that, Aaron held the position of Branch Manager in Navasota.

Aaron is thoroughly active in the community and the banking industry. He has served on the boards of the First Lutheran Church, Director of the Burleson County Wildlife Association, Area Chairman of the Lake Somerville Ducks Unlimited, Board member of the Brazos Valley Affordable Housing Corporation, Member of the City of Somerville Parks Committee and Coach for Little League and Little Dribblers.
Aaron graduated Somerville High school in 1995 and later earned a Bachelor of Business degree in Finance from Texas A&M University in 1999.

Aaron will begin his new duties at Citizens State Bank immediately.

About Citizens State Bank: A strong foundation. A stronger future. Founded in 1925 in Somerville, Texas, Citizens State bank has a long and successful history of providing banking services to the residents and businesses of Burleson, Washington and Grimes County, Texas.

The banking atmosphere formed at Citizens State Bank is one of close relationships with customers, a quick perception of needs, prompt responses, and a sincere desire to encourage the growth and prosperity of Somerville, Deanville, Caldwell, Brenham, Snook, Navasota and the trade territory.

Originally chartered as the Wilson and Holman Company in 1903, the bank primarily served the agricultural community and merchants of Somerville and Burleson County. The initial bank was located in a small frame building in Somerville which then grew to a two-story brick structure on the corner of Avenue B (State Highway 36) and Seventh Street. From 1905 to approximately 1915, the bank was known as the Bank of Somerville, and later First State Guaranty Bank.

On June 8, 1925, Citizens State Bank purchased the assets of First State Guaranty Bank and received its state charter. The original banking house stood for Citizens State Bank until 1967, when the present building of Citizens State Bank at 155 8th Street Somerville was completed. Because of its constant growth, Citizens State Bank completed its first expansion in 1979, and continually increases, growing with the foundations of present day.

In April 1989, Citizens State Bank acquired the First State Bank of Deanville, the first of its surrounding branch locations. The bank now has six recognized locations in surrounding communities of Somerville, Deanville, Caldwell, Brenham, Snook and Navasota. The six locations provide a wide variety of services for its customers.

Citizens State Bank continues to strive for quality customer service. Capable leadership in the bank has made all this progress possible. Ervin B. Flencher, Sr. helped to advance the bank from 1956. Mr. Flencher, a long-time employee of the bank, served as President, CEO and Chairman of the Board during his 60 years of service until his death on March 9, 1996. Ervin B. (Ben) Flencher, Jr., assumed his father’s position of President and CEO in 1981 and as Chairman of the Board in 1996 following his father’s passing. Ben continues to lead Citizens State Bank as it moves forward serving local people and making local decisions.