Texas A&M Institute Of Religion And International Affairs Approved By Board Of Regents

Image from Texas A&M University.
Image from Texas A&M University.

Action at last week’s Texas A&M system board of regents included approving the creation of a new institute at the flagship campus.

President Michael Young is the designated director and a member of the faculty of the institute for the study of religion and international affairs.

Click HERE to read and download background information presented to the board of regents.

Young’s goal and design of the institute, quoting his background information to the regents, “is initially to examine and better understand the role religion plays in this broad spectrum of international affairs, actively and interactively.”

The regents were told the institute will engage in and sponsor activities addressing religious liberties, the relationship of religious freedom and U.S. foreign policy, the relationship of religion and conflict…along with conflict resolution…and the relationship religion has with international development.

According to the background information, courses will be offered through the college of liberal arts and the Bush school.

A&M will pay for professor salaries and minor administrative support. External funding will largely come from individuals and foundations interested in this area of study and research.

Click below for comments from Michael Young, visiting with WTAW’s Bill Oliver.

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