Texas A&M Coaches Issue Statements After NCAA Shuts down Spring and Winter Championships

Texas A&M Women’s Basketball Coach Gary Blair

“I am really hurting for the student-athletes of all of the spring sports that won’t get the chance to represent their school, team and even their country in an NCAA championship. As a coach and as an athlete we want to play the game, we want to coach and we want to develop young people. But at the same time, we are smart enough to realize this is just a game. The health of our players is paramount and will always come first.

“I believe the NCAA Tournament is the greatest event in all of sports. To have to put my arms around my three seniors and tell them that they won’t have a chance to play on that stage for the last time is one of the saddest things. However, the world of sport gives all of us hope, and it will continue to give us hope. You will not only see the strength of student-athletes and coaches during this time, but also our country and mankind.

“We trust the judgment of those in place to make these difficult decisions for the athletes, fans, schools and country. We wish great health and safety for everyone.”


Texas A&M Track & Field Coach Pat Henry

“Of course I understand the problems and ramifications associated with this virus and how scared people are about it. I think our indoor championships could have been treated different. We were already here and we were already around everybody and I heard that was recognized by our conference president who advised we complete these championships. I think they could’ve started and finished these championships without effecting all of these young people’s careers. I don’t know how the NCAA will go forward from this point because you have young people in their fifth year, you have seniors who have no opportunity to complete a collegiate career or even to help to prepare for a professional career. It is very difficult as a coach to watch these young people go through this entire situation.”


Texas A&M Softball Coach Jo Evans

“Although it’s disappointing not to be competing right now, we understand there is a lot at stake, and it’s important for us to trust the experts in this situation. We are committed to supporting everyone affected by the Coronavirus and wish them and their families well.”