Second And Third Arrests From January Theft At College Station’s Victoria’s Secret Store

College Station police has arrested the second and third people accused of a January theft of nearly $2,100 dollars of merchandise at the Victoria’s Secret store.

43 year old Rachel Prado of Bryan and 27 year old Amber Prado of College Station are accused of participating in the felony theft that included 144 panties and 26 bras.

Rachel Prado was arrested on a charge of felony theft with two prior convictions.

The women are out of jail after posting $5,000 dollar bonds, as is the man who was arrested earlier this week, 41 year old Michael Wayne Kennedy of Bryan.

According to the CSPD arrest report, all three were seen on store video participating in the January sixth theft that took five minutes to complete.

Photos of (L-R) Rachel Prado, Amber Prado, and Michael Wayne Kennedy from