Ribbon Cutting for College Station’s Newest Water Tower

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held Tuesday morning at College Station’s new water tower, but it has been in service for a month.

Gary Mechler, Director of Water Services, says they had a wonderful start up.

“For the first two days that we were in service, when we brought it up, we had water calls, about 18 of them, but none of them were related to water pressure or dirty water over here. They were in other parts of the city,” says Mechler.

Mechler was asked why the base of the water tower did not get painted.

“I can’t tell you exactly why it is, but I can tell you we are responsible stewards of your tax dollars and paint costs money. This tank will last probably 100 years,” says Mechler.

Mechler says the new water tower and the city’s superior water rating, they are able to keep homeowner insurance rates down.

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