Recent DWI Arrests By College Station And Bryan Police

This week’s local arrests on DWI charges includes College Station police finding Wednesday at 2:30 in the morning, a man trying to push his truck out of the dirt.

The man was in the back of the truck with the driver’s side front tire about ten feet behind the vehicle and the truck still in drive. This was on Victoria near Fitch, where the officer saw skid marks on the sidewalk, several damaged fence posts, a damaged light pole, and tire marks in the grass. According to the arrest report, the driver’s breath alcohol level was more than two and half times the legal limit at .208 and .209. That led to the arrest of 25 year old Zachary Austin Taylor of College Station, who is out of jail after posting a $10,000 dollar bond.

Bryan police arriving at the report of a disturbance in the drive-thru of a downtown restaurant Tuesday evening led to the arrest of a Bryan man on a DWI charge with two prior convictions. According to the arrest report, 49 year old Hugh Stewart Jr. was out of his van and yelling at the vehicle in front of him at Hot Dogs, Etc. Stewart told officers his cousin “Bub” was driving, and “Bub” fled the scene. Stewart is out of jail after posting an $8,000 dollar bond.

Photos of (L-R) Zachary Austin Taylor and Hugh Stewart Jr. from