Reaction After Texas A&M Closes Hate Message Investigation Without Criminal Charges Or University Penalties

Screen shots from the Twitter accounts @IsaihMartin and @TAMU.

Texas A&M’s president goes to social media after a student who reported hate messages were left on the windshield of his car makes accusations at university police.

Earlier this week, A&M police (UPD) closed its investigation of the June 24th incident after meeting with the Brazos County attorney and determining no criminal offense was committed.

A university spokesperson told WTAW News that no students were expelled and no employees were fired.

The affected student posted Wednesday on his now locked Twitter account that the first UPD “cop that initially came out was absolutely terrible.” Then the student wrote that a detective who “actually seemed like he genuinely wanted to help” towards the end of their interaction “pretty much implied that I did that to myself” and “tried to intimidate me into saying that I did it.”

On Friday, tweets attributed to president Michael Young stated “I appreciate the efforts of university police who investigated with professionalism in pursuit of facts” and A&M “will continue to take an active stance to review claims of harassment, stalking and/or related retaliation that violate a person’s civil rights, wherever it may lead.”

As for the president’s $1,200 dollar reward for information leading to who was responsible for Young previously described as “intolerable messages” from “a detestable racist event”, a university spokesperson said UPD “didn’t receive any verified tips.”

Screen shot from the Twitter account @IsaihMartin.
Screen shot from the Texas A&M Twitter account @TAMU.