Public Speakers At This Week’s Brazos County Commission Meeting Criticize Two Members Who Skipped Recent Meetings

Two public speakers at this week’s Brazos County commission meeting criticized the members who skipped multiple meetings instead of being in the minority vote over setting the property tax rate.

Ann Boney said she had sleepless nights over the conduct of Steve Aldrich and Russ Ford. She also said “I know what’s going on in the nation. I know what’s going on in Texas. And it saddens my heart to know it has bleeded down to Brazos County.”

Rick Wagner, who lives in Ford’s district, wanted Ford and Aldrich to lose pay. County officials tell WTAW News that commissioners by state law can not dock the pay of other elected leaders.

Click below to hear comments from Rick Wagner and Ann Boney from the November 1, 2022 Brazos County commission meeting.