Proposed Changes To Bryan ISD’s Student Handbook & Code Of Conduct Switches To Gender Neutral And More Compassionate Language

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The agenda for the next Bryan ISD school board meeting (Monday, August 2) includes consideration of changes in the student handbook and code of conduct.

During the BISD board’s July 19th meeting, the proposal from school leadership director Kelli Norgaard switching “he/she” references to “they/their” and adding what she described as more compassionate language. That followed a review by an outside consultant.

There are two proposed changes to BISD’s dress code, where secondary students can start wearing athletic shorts, and high school students will be allowed to wear hair that is described as having an “unnatural color”.

Board president Mark McCall discussed with associate superintendent Barbara Ybarra, a recommendation that McCall said gives less weight to social studies grades given to third and fourth grade students.

And Norgaard said on July 19 that there may be more changes for the board to consider during the August 2 meeting. The document to be considered August 2 was not part of the board agenda that was made available to the public.

Click below for comments from the Bryan ISD school board’s July 19, 2021 meeting. Speakers include Kelli Norgaard, Mark McCall, and Barbara Ybarra.

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