Property Crime Arrests By College Station And Bryan Police

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College Station police get help from a crime victim to locate and arrest a man on charges of stealing packages placed outside of at least four homes between March 13th and April 9th. CSPD arrest reports quote 39 year old Jonathan Dorsey telling an officer he knew “what he was doing was wrong and felt silly for doing it because he had a job.” Detectives used video from homes to identify Dorsey through what he was wearing, his tattoos, and the car he was driving. Some of the stolen packages were found in his car. Dorsey also told officers he took other packages to Arlington where he would use a fence to sell those items. Dorsey, who was arrested April 10th for mail theft, evidence tampering, and possession of a controlled substance, was released April 15th after posting bonds totaling $27,000 dollars.

Bryan police responding to someone trespassing at a local motel April 9th found a man in a room who refused to identify himself and refused to leave the property. The BPD arrest report says the officer confirmed the man was wanted on warrants for burglary of vehicles that took place on February 13th and a theft of under $100 dollars where jail records did not record a date. 52 year old Joe Almaraz of Bryan was arrested on those warrants along with possessing a THC vape pen and possessing six credit or debit cards belonging to other people. Almanza was released from jail April 10th after posting bonds totaling $14,000 dollars.

Photos of (L-R) Johnathan Dorsey and Joe Almaraz from
Photos of (L-R) Johnathan Dorsey and Joe Almaraz from

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