Pink Alliance Hosts 19th Annual Surviving and Thriving Luncheon

Pink Alliance held its 19th annual Surviving and Thriving Luncheon featuring guest speaker Chaunte Lowe.

A four-time Olympian and mother of three, Lowe was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 35 after being misdiagnosed a year before.

“When I was diagnosed, I had a choice to either thrive or just merely survive, and I decided I wanted to thrive throughout the process. I chose hope at every turn and now I’m standing here on the other side of this journey but feeling journey that I need to advocate for other people,” said Lowe.

Lowe says people should continue to share their stories because representation matters.

“A lot of times when we come to people that are diagnosed with breast cancer, there tends to be a sense of hopelessness. And if you can see somebody that looks like you and represents you, you have that sense of hope that allows you to fight even stronger and push all the way through,” said Lowe.

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