Pay Raises Requested By Bryan Municipal Court Associate Judges Approved By The City Council

The entrance to Bryan municipal court, October 27 2021.
The entrance to Bryan municipal court, October 27 2021.

Business at this month’s Bryan city council meeting included unanimous approval of giving pay raises to two longtime municipal court associate judges.

This is the first raise in nearly seven years for Glynnis Gore and Colleen Batchelor. Retroactive to October 1, their base pay goes from $250 to $350 dollars for the first four hours per session. For each hour after that, the pay is raised from $75 to $100 dollars per hour. And when they are on call, the raise is from $125 to $175 dollars per day.

The raises will cost the city an additional $10,000 dollars.

Click HERE to read and download background information regarding the pay raises.

The Bryan council was also introduced this month to a new deputy city attorney. That is while the governing body is in its fifth month with an interim city attorney. When Janis Hampton retired in July, first assistant Thomas Leeper took over on an interim basis. City attorney is one of the few positions that is hired by the governing body.