Off Duty College Station Police Officer Catches Vehicle Burglars

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One of two College Station men arrested for multiple vehicle burglaries Sunday at two in the morning was in district court the month before disposing of other criminal charges.

According to online records, 19 year old Isaac Vasquez pleaded guilty to firing a gun in the parking lot of Taco Bell on Harvey Road and evading arrest last year.

Vasquez was sentenced on the gunfire conviction to ten years probation from a ten year prison sentence and to 120 days in the county jail for evading arrest.

College Station police arrested Vasquez after an off-duty officer reported seeing Vasquez pull the door handle of the officer’s parked pickup.

Vasquez is accused of breaking into two vehicles and attempting to enter two more near Southern Oaks Park.

22 year old Theron Daniel is accused of being the getaway driver.

As of Monday afternoon, Vasquez and Daniel were in still in jail. Bonds for both men were set at $14,000 dollars.

Photos of (L-R) Isaac Vasquez and Theron Daniel from
Photos of (L-R) Isaac Vasquez and Theron Daniel from