Nine Vehicle Burglaries In A Bryan Neighborhood

WTAW 1620 94.5 Vehicle Burglary Featured

Bryan police repeat their reminder to lock vehicles and remove valuables…regardless of the time of day or night.

That follows nine vehicle burglaries that took place Tuesday night and Wednesday morning (March 26-27) west of Tiffany Park and Bowen elementary school.

BPD knows of nine vehicle burglaries and investigators believe it is possible that more took place and were not reported.

Nothing was reported missing from eight vehicles that were unlocked.

Forced entry was made into a ninth vehicle and undisclosed property was taken but later recovered after it was dumped.

The vehicles were located at the back of the Wheeler Ridge neighborhood on Park Row Place and Park Land, Aldine, Brockhampton, Ravenwood, and Brighton drives.

Anyone with surveillance video or additional information is asked to contact Bryan police.

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