Navasota Man Arrested On Road Rage Charges In Brazos County

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Photo of Logan Davis of Navasota from
Photo of Logan Davis of Navasota from
A road rage incident in south College Station Thursday afternoon led to the arrest of a Navasota man.

28 year old Logan Davis is charged with threatening another driver with a short barrel rifle that is considered to be a prohibited weapon.

Arrest reports from the Brazos County sheriff’s office show this happened on Wellborn Road just past Fitch where the southbound lanes merge into one lane.

The victim said Davis made a rude hand gesture as he passed her. The victim took that to be reckless driving.

As the victim tried to get a license plate, she saw Davis’s rifle pointed towards her.

Davis said he brought out the rifle in an attempt to get the other driver to leave.

He also accused the other driver of road rage because she blew her horn at him.

According to the arrest report, the barrel was about five inches long. If the barrel is less than 16 inches, it is supposed to have the maker’s name and city of origin imprinted in the metal. Davis said he built the rifle from parts and he believed it was legal because the entire length of the firearm was more than 26 inches.

Davis was released from the Brazos County jail Friday afternoon after posting bonds totaling $23,000 dollars on charges of possession of prohibited weapon and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.