Murrow 2023 WTAW Digital

WTAW Radio’s digital presence involves “virtually” all locally produced content. The only exceptions are a few tweets a year directing people to breaking national stories and a link to our national network at the bottom right of the website home page.

WTAW News has seven categories of digital products with days of listening content.

There are links to five of the seven categories. Take a few minutes to survey audio in each category until you reach the 30 minute maximum.

• WTAW News stories at which had actualities on the radio have complete interviews on our website.

• WTAW News interviews are podcast at These podcasts also includes feature length montages of local stories that are aired during the 5 p.m. Newshour.

• WTAW News podcasts includes newscast updates at

• WTAW News social media are and our Twitter feed.

• WTAW News coverage of the November 2022 general election included 13 election night interviews at November-2022-election-interviews. General election coverage included of live broadcasts of three local candidate forums that were podcast and eight groups of podcasts of local races that were not included in live candidate forums.