Matica Bio Opens New Cell and Gene Therapy Facility

Tuesday morning was the grand opening of Matica Biotechnology, Inc., a manufacturing facility serving the biopharmaceutical industry.

Matica Bio specializes in the clinical and commercial production of cell and gene therapies.

Dr. Yun Jeong Song, CEO, says it is an exciting time for the industry.

“We are witnessing the innovations and it’s truly transformative when you can cure cancer, when you can cure genetic diseases that are inherited. It’s a true revolution that is happening. And as a CDMO, we will play a crucial role in this innovation of cell and gene therapy,” says Dr. Song.

Dr. Jin Kim, Board Member and Advisor, says Bryan/College Station has been a remarkable location for Matica from the start.

“It’s a combination of the academic system and the research institutes. The combination of private enterprise and government really came together to help us as a burgeoning company to really come together and make this possible,” says Dr. Kim.

Matica currently has more than 50 employees and plans to be around the 100 mark by the end of the year. One of two collaborations Matica has is with Texas A&M to speed up biotech research and development and commercial manufacturing.

Matica’s 45,000 square foot facility is located along the freeway near the Academy store.

Click below to hear Tuesday’s remarks from Andrew Arrage, Dr. Jin Kim, Mike Stewart, Dr. Yun Jeong Song, Karl Mooney, Bobby Gutierrez, Dr. Scott Lillibridge, and Matt Prochaska.

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News release from Matica Biomanufacturing, Inc.:

Matica Biotechnology, Inc. (Matica Bio), a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) specializing in the clinical and commercial production of cell and gene therapies, today announced the opening of its new 45,000-square-foot facility dedicated to the production of viral vectors and cell-based products used in cell and gene therapies, vaccines, oncolytic therapies and other genetic medicines.

Cell and Gene Therapy Specialty

Building on years of cell and gene therapy expertise, Matica Bio’s new facility is now expanding its capacity as a CDMO — ready to support the biopharmaceutical industry’s need for faster delivery of cells and viral vectors that are important components of some of the most promising novel therapies

“The key is faster delivery without sacrificing quality or safety,” said Matica Bio CEO Yun Jeong Song. “Our new facility is designed for rapid development, scale-up and production for clinical supply, but our experienced teams provide quality oversight and regulatory guidance necessary to ensure success. Solely committed to our clients’ commercialization goals, we have the expertise and an advanced, modular system that provides the flexibility to adjust resources required depending on client need and product requirements.”

Ongoing Large-Scale Production Research

To keep pace with accelerated clinical development time frames, production complexities and demand, Matica Bio already has two collaborations at the new facility. The company is working with Sartorius to develop and optimize advanced viral vector manufacturing technologies for large-scale vector production. Matica Bio has also partnered with Texas A&M University’s Center for Innovation in Advanced Development and Manufacturing for projects to speed up biotech R&D and commercial manufacturing.

“We’re aiming to improve multiple components across the cell and gene therapy production process, including ease of manufacturability, real-time data read-outs, reducing costs and solving anticipated challenges of large-scale cell culture and viral vector production,” said Matica Bio Chief Technology Officer Mike Stewart. “These collaborations are just the start of Matica Bio’s commitment for future expansion of research, expertise and successful product development.”

About Matica Biotechnology, Inc.

Matica Bio, an affiliate of CHA Biotech, provides GMP manufacturing services for cell and gene therapies, vaccines, oncolytic vectors and other advanced therapy products. Our GMP facility in College Station, Texas, is designed for the rapid development, scale-up and production of viral vectors and cell therapy products for clinical supply. Matica Bio offers process development, GMP production, product release and stability assessment together with the quality oversight and regulatory guidance necessary to ensure our clients’ success.