Maryland Woman Arrested Twice In As Many Days At Easterwood Airport

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Photo of Cieara Watson from
Photo of Cieara Watson from
Two times in as many days, someone wanting to fly out of Easterwood Airport lands in the Brazos County jail.

On Wednesday, According to Texas A&M police (UPD) reports, TSA asked a woman to leave after becoming emotional because she did not agree with the way she was being searched by TSA personnel.

Then the woman was arrested for slapping a UPD officer and resisting arrest.

After being released from jail Thursday, a UPD spokesman told WTAW News that Watson returned to the airport and was arrested for criminal trespassing.

Jail records show 35 year old Cieara Watson of Baltimore, Maryland was released for the second time Friday morning.

Watson’s bonds total $21,000 dollars.

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