Madison County Judge Orders An Overnight Curfew

Madison County judge Tony Leago announced Monday an overnight curfew that is in place until further notice.

Leago tells our sister station Navasota News this is a move to reduce criminal activity.

According to the order, between 11:59 p.m. and 5:00 a.m., “All individuals shall remain in or on personal property and avoid traveling on any public road or highway”.

The order goes on to state “Individuals who are traveling to or from a place of employment, assisting with emergency operations at the request of the Emergency Management Coordinator or her designee, traveling through Madison County, Texas, or otherwise unable to comply due to an emergency necessity are exempt from the requirements or this order.”

“In addition, this order shall not apply to a licensed food establishment providing food and other consumables to others, a facility approved by the County Judge providing food and other consumables as part of the pandemic relief effort, or individuals who are traveling to and from a licensed food establishment or approved disaster relief facility to obtain food or other consumables and any other establishments that provides food and other emergency relief supplies.”

According to the order, violators are “subject to a $1,000.00 fine and/or 180 days confinement in the Madison County Jail.”

Click below for comments from Tony Leago, visiting with Navasota News Andre Perrard.

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Screen shot from the Madison County office of emergency management Facebook page.