Juneteenth Announcement Of Securing Funding For New Texas A&M Statue

Juneteenth is the day organizers announce raising enough money to add a statue at Texas A&M that honors an African American state senator from Washington County who was instrumental in creating the university.

The location of the statue recognizing Matthew Gaines and the 12th Texas Legislature has not been decided. It is likely that will be discussed by a new commission created this week by A&M’s president to review the names, placement, and historical content of statues, monuments, and buildings.

Earlier in the week, A&M president Michael Young issued the following as part of an overall update about what he described as “campus climate”: “Nearly two years ago, my office contributed $50,000 and recently another $50,000 to this effort. Chancellor Sharp provided $25,000 previously, and just recently announced yet another $100,000. As we soon close the gap for funding and accept artist bids, I look forward to working with students and Dr. Pugh, who has been working with them, on this important representation on our campus.”

Screen shots from the TAMU Matthew Gaines Initiative Twitter account @GainesTAMU