Gunfire In College Station’s Emerald Forest Neighborhood Leads To An Arrest

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Photo of Zachary Reyes from
Photo of Zachary Reyes from
Gunfire before sunrise Sunday morning in College Station’s Emerald Forest neighborhood resulted in the arrest of a Navasota man on multiple charges.

According to the College Station police arrest report, 21 year old Zachary Reyes fired four shots outside a home on Queens Court following an argument. No one was hit by the gunfire.

Reyes, who was found three miles away at an apartment behind the Ringer library, had two handguns on his person.

Officers found in Reyes vehicle, an undisclosed amount of $20 and $100 dollar bills, THC cartridges, and marijuana.

Reyes was released from jail Monday after posting bonds totaling $83,000 dollars.

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