Gunfire Goes Through Three College Station Apartments Without Hitting Anyone

Photo of Devin Thomas from
Gunfire in a College Station apartment Monday night goes through two more apartments without anyone being struck.

A next door neighbor tells College Station police he heard an argument and a loud banging sound as if someone was being thrown against the wall.

That was followed by gunfire, a woman’s scream, and the argument coming to a stop.

Officers found in the neighbor’s apartment, a bullet hole in a shared living room wall above a couch, and a hole in a shared wall with a third apartment that was above a dining table.

In the third apartment, officers found a bullet that went through the shared wall lodged in the frame of the front door.

The woman who screamed told officers she was assaulted by the man who fired the gun.

According to the arrest report, 21 year old Devin Thomas showed officers the location of the gun, which was recovered under bushes inside a small hole that was dug in the dirt.

Thomas, who was arrested on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, is jailed in lieu of a $12,000 dollar bond.