Former Bryan Police Officer Is Accused Of DWI While Driving A Patrol SUV During A Funeral Escort

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Photo of Kristen Johnson from
Photo of Kristen Johnson from
Bryan police announce an officer resigns after being accused of drunk driving while being part of a funeral escort.

36 year old Kristen Johnson of Bryan was arrested Wednesday on a charge of DWI with a blood alcohol level over .15. She is out of jail after posting a $3,000 dollar bond.

According to a BPD news release, a criminal and internal investigation began after the extra duty assignment on September 2.

After two sergeants noticed Johnson demonstrating multiple behaviors indicative of intoxication and one of the sergeants conducted sobriety tests, BPD obtained a court order for a blood test.

Johnson resigned shortly after the investigations began.

A BPD spokesman says Johnson was driving a patrol SUV in the funeral escort, and she was with the department about 14 years.

News release from Bryan police:

On October 20th, 2021, former Officer Kristen Johnson was arrested on a warrant for Driving While Intoxicated. This arrest stems from an incident on September 2nd, 2021, where Kristen Johnson was working an extra-duty assignment of a funeral escort with multiple other Bryan Police Department officers in Bryan Police Department patrol vehicles.

During the funeral escort, officers working on the assignment with Kristen Johnson noticed multiple concerns. After the funeral escort was complete, the officers returned to the Bryan Police Department. Once at the police department, two Bryan Police Department sergeants spoke with Kristen Johnson where they observed multiple behaviors indicative of intoxication. At that time, a criminal investigation of Driving While Intoxication began. One of the sergeants conducted Standard Field Sobriety Tests and observed multiple clues. An affidavit to obtain a specimen of blood was drafted and signed by Judge Amanda Matzke. Kristen Johnson was then taken to the hospital where a blood draw was performed.

As the criminal investigation began, an internal affairs investigation was also launched. Kristen Johnson resigned from the Bryan Police Department shortly after.

On September 16th, 2021, the results of the laboratory analysis of Kristen Johnson’s blood were returned to the Bryan Police Department. Lab results confirmed that Kristen Johnson was under the influence of alcohol. An arrest warrant was drafted by the Bryan Police Department and submitted to the Brazos County Attorney’s Office. The Bryan Police Department continues to work with the Brazos County Attorney’s Office on this case.