Early Monday Morning Crash That Closes Harvey Mitchell Parkway Leads To A DWI Arrest

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A crash just after 2 a.m. Monday that closed Harvey Mitchell Parkway by Easterwood Airport results in the arrest of one of the drivers.

According to the College Station police arrest report, 30 year old John Taylor Jenkins of College Station ran away from scene and was found about two hours and two miles away crying outside a stranger’s apartment.

Jenkins was arrested for DWI with three prior convictions and causing a high speed rear end collision that totaled his and the victim’s car.

One of the occupants of the victim’s car was treated at the scene for undisclosed injuries.

Jenkins, who was found by officers bleeding from his head and was limping, was treated at the scene then taken to the hospital for a court ordered blood sample.

One of the victims estimated they were rear-ended at 75 miles per hour when the front left bumper of Jenkins’s Mustang struck the back right bumper of the victim’s Kia.

The CSPD arrest report stated “The Kia was immediately sent nose first careening cross the northbound Harvey Mitchell Parkway South lane into the eastern concrete wall. the Kia bounced off the wall and then struck the wall again with the front left bumper. the Kia then spun multiple times and the rear bumper slammed into the concrete wall, blocking off northbound Harvey Mitchell Parkway South. Meanwhile, the Mustang bounced off the Kia and drove through gravel along the west concrete wall. The Mustang then struck the west concrete wall across both lanes of travel to the east concrete wall where the front left tire struck the circular metal plate attached to the metal rod stuck into the east concrete wall. The metal rod punched through the front left wheel and sheared off the entire front left wheel assembly and axel (sic). The Mustang bounced off the east wall back across both lanes and slammed into the west concrete wall where it stopped.”

According to CSPD tweets, the crash closed the roadway for about 90 minutes.

Jenkins remained in the Brazos County jail Tuesday afternoon in lieu of bonds totaling $12,000 dollars.