Domestic Violence Victim Is Accused Of Falsifying Paperwork To Post The Bond Of Her Attacker

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A College Station police detective monitoring calls at the Brazos County jail leads to the arrest of a domestic violence victim on a charge of providing false information that allowed the accused to be released from jail.

According to the CSPD arrest report, a detective heard the victim tell the accused they used someone else’s name to post $129,000 dollars in bonds. The detective confirmed the fraud by contacting the bond company and the person whose identity was stolen.

41 year old Joshua Trevino of College Station spent more than three months in jail before he got out last Sunday. Trevino is awaiting trials on charges involving the same victim of continuous violence, family violence assault causing bodily injury, and violating a protection order more than twice in a 12 month period.

The person who was arrested for falsifying the information is in jail on bonds totaling $56,500 dollars. They are accused of charges in five other cases that took place between last December and May 12th. Their identity is not being released by WTAW News because they are a domestic violence victim.

The company that posted Trevino’s bond, which charged $12,900 dollars, had collected $6,500 as of Monday.