Coulter Field Airport Fence Damaged By Accused Drunk Driver And Mother Driving Four Unrestrained Children Is Arrested Following Traffic Stop

Two sections of fencing at Coulter Field airport were damaged Saturday evening by an accused drunk driver. According to the Bryan police arrest report, two officers found the driver of a pickup truck using the chain link fence to assist him in walking inside the airport. The driver, 32 year old Rafael Tirado-Martinez of Bryan, was taken to the hospital for a blood test, then he slept for three hours before he was taken to jail on a DWI charge. He is out of jail after posting a $3,000 dollar bond.

A DPS trooper catching a car on Highway 6 going 88 miles an hour south of College Station on Saturday afternoon results in the driver’s arrest on charges of possessing marijuana and illegal possession of a pistol. According to the arrest report, 25 year old Leanne Macias of Houston had four children inside the car who were not restrained. The gun was in a soft ice chest on the rear floorboard beneath the feet of one of the children. Macias also admitted not having a driver’s license and no insurance. The children and the car were released to another woman as Macias was taken to jail. She was released after after posting bonds totaling $8,000 dollars. According to online records, Macias is awaiting trial on a misdemeanor charge of possessing marijuana from an arrest three and a half years ago.

Photos of (L-R) Rafael Tirado-Martinez and Leanne Macias from