College Station Police Officer Is Recognized After Administering Narcan Mist To Save The Life Of A Drug Overdose Victim

One of the tools College Station police officers have, is a drug to counteract opioid drugs.

In April, a CSPD officer administered a container of Narcan nasal mist on a woman experiencing a drug overdose.

Friday morning, police chief Billy Couch presented a lifesaving award to the officer.

Couch told WTAW News when officer Patrick McClung “got there and evaluated the circumstances, he was decisive in determining what had happened. (Then he) immediately made the decision to go to Narcan, and as a result saved her life.”

McClung, who is in his third year with the department and is a retired Marine, is the first CSPD officer to save someone using Narcan.

The woman, who received additional doses of Narcan while she was taken to the hospital, made a full recovery.

Click below for comments from Billy Couch, visiting with WTAW’s Bill Oliver.

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Screen shot from the College Station police Twitter account showing (L-R) police chief Billy Couch and officer Patrick McClung.
Screen shot from the College Station police department Twitter account.