College Station Police Make An Arrest On Money Laundering And Prostitution Charges

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Photo of Yudaysis Hernandez from
Photo of Yudaysis Hernandez from
A woman who was arrested by College Station police last December and is awaiting trial on a charge of stealing an $8,000 dollar IRS refund check was arrested earlier this month on charges of prostitution and money laundering.

According to CSPD arrest reports, 44 year old Yudaysis Hernandez is accused of depositing almost $85,000 dollars during a ten month period from earnings as a prostitute.

Hernandez told detectives she was paid as a manager of a company that CSPD found no evidence of its existence.

The location of Hernandez’s company was a College Station apartment.

CSPD’s surveillance of the apartment showed an undisclosed number of men entering then leaving ten to 30 minutes later.

Hernandez is out of jail after posting bonds totaling $23,000 dollars.