College Station Police Goes To Social Media To Explain Circumstances Of An Arrest Inside Post Oak Mall

Photo of Lester Guyton Jr. from
Photo of Lester Guyton Jr. from
The 23rd time that a College Station man goes to jail in as many years, follows an arrest on five new charges and seven warrants.

The apprehension inside Post Oak Mall last Friday (November 24) results in an explanation by College Station police on its Facebook page.

The CSPD arrest report says 49 year old Ronnie Guyton Jr. of College Station was taken into custody after running away from the food court when he was tackled by a bystander.

The CSPD Facebook post says Guyton was tased while resisting arrest. That led to mall customers calling 9-1-1 with concerns that Guyton was possibly suffering a seizure.

The Facebook post went on to say that fire department paramedics were the first to check Guyton. Then he was taken to a hospital for another evaluation before he went to jail.

And the Facebook post says “In accordance with CSPD Department Policy, any use of force by an officer will be documented and reviewed to ensure that policies and procedures were followed.”

The new charges against Guyton are resisting arrest with two prior convictions, evading arrest with one prior conviction, fraudulent use of a credit or debit card, and possession of cocaine and marijuana. Bonds on the new charges total $27,000 dollars.

Guyton was also arrested on warrants related to upcoming trials on four felony and three misdemeanor charges involving evading arrest, drug possession, credit or debit card abuse, and failing to identify.

He remains in jail as of Monday morning (November 27).

Screen shot from the College Station police department Facebook page.
Screen shot from the College Station police department Facebook page.