College Station Police Arrest Bar Customer On A False Fire Alarm Charge

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Photo of Tyler Keeton from
Photo of Tyler Keeton from
College Station firefighters respond to the Northgate district around closing time last Friday morning to what turned out to be two false alarms.

According to College Station police, no fires were found after a glass break alarm was activated at The Domain and an alarm was activated at Hydro Fusion Lounge.

CSPD did arrest a man on a charge of pulling the alarm at Hydro.

According to the CSPD arrest report, 19 year old Tyler Keeton of Cypress said he was afraid someone he saw lighting a cigarette lighter might start a fire.

The CSPD officer who checked the bar’s security video saw Keeton consuming his beverage while looking out to the street and did not leave the bar as if an emergency was happening.

Keeton is out of jail after posting a $4,000 dollar bond.