College Station Man Arrested For Stalking Ex-Girlfriend During A Two Week Period In Multiple Ways

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Photo of Lyn Rouland from
Photo of Lyn Rouland from
A College Station man tells College Station police he placed a tracking device on his ex-girlfriend’s car and set up a hidden camera outside her apartment and texted her photos.

That’s among 11 incidents during a two week period that led to the arrest of 41 year old Lyn Rouland.

According to a CSPD arrest report, Rouland wanted the victim to tell him why she ended their relationship abruptly and stopped talking to him.

Rouland was arrested last Friday for stalking, unlawful installation of a tracking device, possession of a controlled substance, and a warrant on a DWI case from two years ago.

Rouland was released from jail on Monday after posting bonds totaling $185,000 dollars.