College Station ISD School Board Receive CSISD Education Foundation Update

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The September meeting of the College Station ISD school board included a summary of the first meeting of the school year of the district’s education foundation.

CSISD board member Jeff Horak, who is also a member of the foundation board, reported that 51 percent of district employees pledged more than $142,000 dollars to the district’s education foundation.

Horak also says they hope to continue their popular “50 Men Who Can Cook” fundraiser.

Horak said “We don’t know what that looks like right now. But if we could say yes it’s gonna looking like it has in years past that’s what we’ll stand by right now, and just hope the cards fall where they may.”

According to the foundation’s website, teacher grant applications are due October 1.

Click below for comments from Jeff Horak during the September 15, 2020 College Station ISD school board meeting.