College Station ISD School Board Discussing When To Ask Voters Again To Consider Athletic Facilities Bond Issue

Screen shot from a document that was shared during the June 21, 2022 College Station ISD school board meeting.
Screen shot from a document that was shared during the June 21, 2022 College Station ISD school board meeting.

College Station ISD school board members are looking to asking voters again to approve a bond issue that failed last November.

Most of the $5.5 million dollar request would go towards renovating and expanding the Consolidated High School field house, in part to put their sports medicine services on par with College Station High School.

During the June CSISD board meeting, members reviewed the results of a telephone survey that was conducted for the district last month.

A spokesman for the survey of 300 CSISD voters provided two takeaways about the chances of the bond issue passing:

(1) The initial ballot test shows a 15-point deficit in support of the bond with 38% for and 53% against. After voters were given more information, 56% say they would vote for and 40% would vote against it.

(2) The survey company’s analysis showed the best messages to communicate the bond proposal are:

(2a) The fieldhouse at Consolidated High School is not comparable to the fieldhouse at College Station High School in its size or condition, and this bond would expand and renovate it, thereby increasing equity of facilities for students in the district.

(2b) The fieldhouse at Consolidated does not have adequate space for sports medicine, and

(2c) This bond issue can be financed using property taxes from its current tax rate. This means the property tax rate will not increase, which was a bullet point that was believed by only one-third of those who were surveyed.

After a review of the survey, College Station ISD board members reviewed a meeting last month of administrators and members of the bond committee that proposed the Consolidated high school project last year.

Some board members said they did not want to keep asking CSISD voters however many times it takes to pass the bond issue.

CSISD administrators were asked to research the cost of holding a special election next May.

No board members expressed support for asking voters this November. CSISD communications director Chuck Glenewinkel said voters will be asked to approve city and county bond issues. Brazos County voters will also be asked to approve increasing the vehicle registration fee for local transportation projects.

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