College Station Firefighters Respond To Three Structure Fire Alarms At Apartment Complexes

Image from the College Station fire department.
Image from the College Station fire department.

College Station firefighters respond to three structure fire alarms at apartment buildings at the beginning of the week.

The latest involved fire damage Monday night at The Woodlands complex. Investigators say the fire was the result of a skateboard battery that blew up in a back bedroom. The occupant heard the noise and called 9-1-1. Sprinklers were activated that also triggered an automatic alarm. While the fire spread into a bedroom wall, the sprinklers kept the fire in check until firefighters arrived. No one was hurt, and the occupant was displaced.

Monday during the noon hour, firefighters found smoke from food left on a stove at the Gateway apartments.

And Sunday morning, firefighters discovered an electrical arcing issue near the leasing office at The Rise at Northgate complex.