College Station Firefighters Respond To A Structure Fire That Turns Out To Be Vapors From Refilling Nitrogen Tank

The College Station fire department rolled out 11 vehicles Wednesday morning around 7:45 to the report of a structure fire at the Texas A&M chemistry building.

CSFD Captain Stuart Marrs says a security guard did the right thing by reporting smoke, which turned out to be vapors from a nitrogen tank that was being refilled.

Marrs says CSFD’s standard response to large buildings (over 12,000 square feet) is five engines, two ladders, two ambulances, and two command vehicles.

Marrs says “We go lights and sirens until the first unit arrives and makes a decision to downgrade other units to normal traffic or keep them coming Code 3.”

“On the call this morning only two units, an engine and command vehicle, where needed on scene. Other units were called off and went available for other calls.”

Marrs says if you call 9-1-1 to report a structure fire, shut the doors on your way out.

Firefighters from four units were at the scene, while those on four engines, two ladder trucks, two ambulances, and a command vehicle were called off while on their way and returned to their stations.

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