College Station City Council Gets Involved In Post Office Decision To Stop Direct Delivery To Some Apartment Complexes

Photo of the College Station post office, taken August 31, 2017.
Photo of the College Station post office, taken August 31, 2017.

The postal service deciding to stop direct delivery of mail to some College Station apartment complexes draws the attention of the College Station city council.

Councilwoman Elizabeth Cunha brought up her concern at the end of the November 20th council meeting, saying “I’m probably sure that we can’t do anything about it. But I just wondered if we could send a letter to the U.S. government with a frowny face on it or something just to say that’s really unfortunate. I think there are at least four apartment complexes that I am aware of that have been impacted this way.”

City manager Bryan Woods said “We’re still gathering exactly what all that means. We can also send something to council once we get kind of a scope of the impact. And then if the council wants to hear about it publicly, we can do that too.”

A postal service spokeswoman confirmed receiving WTAW News request for more information on November 21. As of November 27, the postal service has not responded to our request for an explanation about the decision to stop direct delivery.

Click below for comments from Elizabeth Cunha and Bryan Woods from the November 20, 2023 College Station city council meeting.