College Station City Council Directs Staff To Develop Plan To Plant Trees To Reduce The City’s Outdoor Temperature

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The College Station city council has directed staff to develop a five year plan to reduce the city’s outdoor temperature by planting more trees on city property.

The recommendation to address what are called “heat islands” came during the last council meeting from councilman John Crompton. He suggested an arbitrary number of adding 500 trees a year at a cost of $600 apiece. The cost includes drip irrigation.

Planning and development director Michael Ostrowski says a study done by a non-profit organization shows temperatures in Bryan/College Station are six degrees warmer compared to rural areas. Ostrowski says reducing the impact of so called “heat islands” addresses health concerns and can even improve water quality.

Crompton said possible locations are hike and bike trails, along city streets, on freeway embankments, and parks. He also suggested giving free trees to private property owners who are trained to take care of them.

Councilwoman Linda Harvell sought protecting existing trees that are exposed to future development.

Click HERE to read and download the presentation from the September 9, 2021 College Station city council meeting.

Click below for some of the comments from the September 9, 2021 College Station city council meeting.

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