Bryan School Board Gets Update On Private Company Taking Care Of Substitute Teachers

Last April, the Bryan school board hired a private company to manage recruitment, hiring, and supervision of substitute teachers.

Ten months later, the amount of Bryan ISD sub positions being filled has risen from 73 to 80 percent. The company that was hired, E-S-S, told the board they would have at least a 90 percent rate.

BISD human resources director Carol Cune told board members last week that it’s only been since since December that the private company E-S-S has had a full time manager and a recruiter. One of their projects has been scrubbing names of those who are not fulfilling their obligations.

Cune also says the current manager and recruiter are working beyond regular business hours looking for subs. That includes giving flyers to Uber drivers to give to potential candidates and attending the recent BISD showcase to recruit parents.


Superintendent Christie Whitbeck says teachers believe the quality of subs are higher, but last minute cancellations remains the biggest issue.


From the start of the school year through February 27, E-S-S has received 11,272 Bryan ISD substitute teacher requests.

Screen shot from presentation made during the March 2, 2020 Bryan ISD school board meeting.