Bryan Police Hear Gunfire Then Make An Arrest

Photo of Carlos Martinez from
Bryan police checking out a loud music complaint hear gunfire a block away…then the suspect pulls into the driveway were the officers were standing.

This took place Tuesday during the midnight hour in the neighborhood west of the federal women’s prison.

According to the arrest report, 19 year old Carlos Martinez told officers he fired the gun in the air with his left hand to impress his friends.

Officers found two shell casings in the area of the gunfire.

And a search of the car led to finding a handgun, three ammo magazines containing between two and 13 bullets, and a bag containing 84 bullets.

Martinez was released from jail after posting surety bonds totaling $6,000 dollars on charges of unlawful carrying of a weapon and disorderly conduct related to the gunfire.

Martinez also signed personal recognizance bonds, promising he will make future court appearances on charges of driving under the influence of marijuana and possessing drug paraphernalia.