Bryan Police Arrest A Couple After A Two Year Old Falls Off A Second Floor Apartment Balcony

Image from the Bryan police department's Twitter account.

A Bryan couple is arrested after the woman’s two year old son fell off their second story apartment balcony.

The Bryan police arrest report stated that the child was taken to the hospital to be evaluated for possible injuries.

Officers responded to a 9-1-1 call placed by the person living in the downstairs apartment where the child landed.

The mother told officers that she did not call for help because she saw no visible injuries and her son was not crying.

The mother said the two year old fell by getting in between bars of a wrought iron fence surrounding the balcony.

She also said he got onto the balcony by climbing on a couch and pushing open a sliding glass door…something which an officer thought the small child was not physically able to do.

The officer also noted that while he was asking questions, the mother remained on the phone working as a customer service agent.

22 year old Amiyah Oney and 22 year old Marvin Eugene Wilson III are charged with recklessly engaging in conduct that placed the two year old in an unreasonable risk of harm.

Oney and Wilson are out of jail after each posted a $5,000 dollar bond.

A BPD spokesman says the child was placed in CPS custody.

Photos of (L-R) Amiyah Oney and Marvin Wilson III from
Photos of (L-R) Amiyah Oney and Marvin Wilson III from