Bryan Man Arrested Twice In Three Days

Photo of Alfonso Calzada from
A Bryan man is taken to jail twice in three days.

According to DPS arrest reports, last Tuesday a trooper pulled over a pickup going 65 in a 55 zone on Harvey Mitchell Parkway near Wellborn Road.

The driver, identified on his drivers license as Primitivo Hernandez, was taken to jail on a charge of DWI with at least two prior convictions.

The trooper took the driver to the Brazos County jail for booking.

After leaving the jail, the trooper was contacted by jail staff who discovered during fingerprinting the driver’s name was Alfonso Calzada.

The driver, who had bonded out on the DWI charge, was found at his job two days later by the trooper.

Calzada is out of jail again after posting bond on a charge of providing a false drivers license.