Bryan Man Arrested For DWI With Three Prior Convictions Is Ordered To Serve Remaining Time For His Third Conviction

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Photo of Alfredo Caballero III from
Photo of Alfredo Caballero III from
A Bryan man on probation for drunk driving with three prior convictions returns to jail to finish serving that sentence.

That’s after 57 year old Alfredo Caballero III was arrested on another DWI charge.

According to online records, Caballero was sentenced in February 2015 to ten years probation from a ten year prison term for his third DWI conviction.

Bryan police responded Wednesday night to a citizen’s report that he saw his SUV damaged as Caballero was backing his truck out of a parking space.

According to the BPD arrest report, Caballero told officers that “it was not safe for him to be driving, because of all the alcohol that he had consumed” before leaving a downtown bar.

That contributed to the new DWI arrest and Thursday’s order by a judge that Caballero finish serving time for the third conviction.