Bryan Man Arrested For DWI And Driving With An Invalid License With Multiple Prior Convictions

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Photo of Michael Terrell Jr. from
Photo of Michael Terrell Jr. from
A 34 year old Bryan man remains in jail following his arrest last Friday for DWI with seven prior convictions and driving with an invalid license (DWLI) with two prior convictions.

The Bryan police arrest report states the arrest followed a traffic stop after an officer saw him almost driving into traffic cones in the construction zone on Texas Avenue near Highway 21, then almost drive into oncoming traffic on Highway 21.

Online records show it is the 21st time that Michael Terrell Jr. was booked in the Brazos County jail in 14 years.

Terrell’s bond on the DWI charge was set at $25,000 dollars and the DWLI charge at $2,000 dollars.