Bryan ISD School Board Revises Campus Boundary Policies To Put Current Practices In Writing

Screen shot from a Bryan ISD document.
Screen shot from a Bryan ISD document.

Bryan ISD school board members during Tuesday’s meeting updated its policy regarding changing campus boundaries.

Associate superintendent Barbara Ybarra said one of the reasons is to put current practice in writing, adding “we want to make sure with this policy” that “we’re being utterly transparent with this process in advance of beginning it.”

Boundaries will be changed before the start of the next school year, when the new Sadberry intermediate campus opens to fifth graders.

Dr. Ybarra also said a few campuses will also need to be adjusted.

Another reason to change campus boundaries is when headcount is under 80 percent of capacity or over 120 percent.

The policy would still allow a student entering the final year at their elementary, intermediate, or middle school to stay if boundaries are changed…as long as the student has their own transportation.

High school students could stay at their original campus under the same condition, although transportation would be provided if they are in a special program.

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